The Google Wallet app for Android has been updated by Google with various improvements. Google Wallet has posted on Google+ announcing that it has now become easy for users to manage gift cards and loyalty programs in their Google Wallet as it can now be done at one centralized location.

In the update, a single link has been given in the navigation drawer to access gift cards and loyalty programs. They have been formed into a single group with their screens merged and displayed as sliding pages. These sliding pages are titled “Active”, “Expired” and “Featured”. All the valid gift cards and loyalty programs will be shown under the “Active” tab while the outdated ones will go under “Expired”.

Here’s the view of the old screen and the new screen after the update:

Google Wallet - 1

Below you can see the screens for Active, Expired and Features tabs:

Google Wallet - 2

As you can see, Google has also removed some clutter and cleaned up the screen to make it visually appealing in line with its material design guidelines. The notifications shown by the Google Wallet when a user enters a recognized store or a place having great deals have also gone richer. The earlier simple notifications have given way to more detailed descriptions. You can also quickly browse through the list with the Next, Previous and First buttons without opening the app.

Google has also posted its official changelog as below:

Google Wallet Changelog
You can get the latest Google Wallet updates by downloading the .apk file from here and installing it manually.


Source Android Police