Who would have thought that Apple would be doing Google Wallet a favour by putting in motion a contender, the Apple Pay? The recent launch of the latter ironically boosted Google Wallet’s weekly transactions by 50 percent as well as it has increased tremendously Google Wallet’s new users. With October’s statistics said to be doubled compared to the previous month as stated by a source for Ars Technica.

Apple really knows how the market works. The release of the Apple Pay was very timely considering that the world is already in the process of changing direction to NFC-capable payment or the Near Field Communication-capable payment. And even if this revenue surge for Google Walllet might be temporary, it has still brought enough awareness about the technology.

Google Wallet vs. Apple Pay

  • Apple Pay is advertised better than Google Play.
  • With Google Wallet you need to swipe and enter a pin. With Apple Pay you only need to hold your phone and tap on the screen.
  • Google Wallet has access to information about the user’s purchases while Apple Pay cannot see such information excluding the most recent purchases on the Passbook.
  • Google Wallet is available even on older iOS 6 and Android Gingerbread version while Apple Pay can only be used on newer iPhones, which I think is a good selling point. You can also use iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini3 to do transactions.
  • Google Wallet is accepted in 300,000 stores while Apple Pay only works in 220,000 stores. However, considering that it is only a few weeks old, it is not totally a disadvantage.

What do you think about the two? And which digital wallet do you prefer?