Google Wallet has been excellent for making payments and has gained a lot of popularity. However it just supported single account per phone. So a lot of users were not happy due to this as some of their close ones might need the phone to send cash or make a payment at times. All of those who were bothered by this limitation, this issue has been resolved now. Google has made few changes in user interface of the Wallet app for Android which allows users to access different accounts on the same phone. They have made one more change; users will get the shipment updates on orders directly through this app.

Along with the change in Wallet app, Google has also made a change that would impact other apps. There is a refresh of Google Play services and it aids developers to place Google Wallet Instant Buy buttons in the titles. If they make this change, it would not be easy to buy something spontaneously. Though it’s not great news for instinctive shoppers; it might cheer those that handle their finances well.

The changes made by Google are going to make Wallet app users on Android very happy. We will have to wait and watch how the other upgrade treats users.