In a recent new step in developing its “smart lens” technology, tech giant Google teams up with its pharmaceutical counterpart Novartis to develop the technology. Recent news coming from Novartis said that its eye care division Alcon has signed up a deal with Google[x], for this tech project. The agreement between the two says that this collaboration will work towards commercializing lenses with embedded sensors, electronics and wireless chips which would keep check of the ocular conditions providing real-time feedback of glucose to the user on their smartphones.

Alcon is a well-known unit of Novartis founded in 1945 and has marked its success over the years with in-depth research in eye care products thereby increasing safety. This company was later purchased by Nestle in 1977 and slowly and gradually turned out to be the most revenue making ophthalmic company in the world. However, it was Novartis that witnessed the potential growth of the company and bought out 52 percent share in it.


Whereas on the other hand, Google[x] is a secret division of Google that caters to take up several challenging technological projects. Google[x] is a facility which works on several diverse projects of the company like Project Glass, Google driverless car, Project Loon that aims to bring wireless Internet in rural areas and the recent “smart lens” technology.

Well, with two big giant joining hands together the “smart lens” project is likely to go much ahead. We would be eager to know very soon about the progress of the project in the coming days and would eagerly wait for the magnificent tech to arrive soon in the market.