Gearing up further on its Project Ara, Google said that the company has now teamed up with chipset makers Marvell and Nvidia for its Project Ara handsets. Earlier this year, Google had announced that Rockchip could be one of the companies for supplying processor to the Project Ara handsets. Quanta who is a hardware manufacturing partners of Google had created a Project reference design based upon the Nvidia Tegra K1 and the Marvell PXA1928 processor. However, the company hasn’t been releasing this designs as of now.

The concept behind this project was initialized by Motorola and Phoneblocks which was later acquired by Google while buying out Motorola mobility in 2012. The Google Project Ara is basically a concept for making Android-based modular smartphones which parts that are swappable which would give users a truly customized hardware experience.

Google is expected to release more details regarding the project by next month of January when it is expected to roll-out its first Project Ara device. The good thing is that the handsets released under this Project would be costing as low as $50. Things would be finalized by next month. In the meanwhile, check out the video below showing the Project Ara prototype. For more details on Project Ara click here.

source: Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group