Google was in negotiation with two company for becoming a reseller carriers’ including Sprint and T-Mobile USA. However, Businessweek reported that Google has signed the deal with the company’s SoftBank CEO

Google and the familiar persons are not said anything about the financial terms but it can be measured that it will be like other MVNO contracts. However, Google mentioned to provide $2 per-GB of data to pay a wholesale rate.

Google is trying to measure the control and continuity of the consumers experience on basis of the deal. However, the wholesale rate can be accurate and seems to be great. Moreover, it can create an open war between T-Mobile and Sprint on the wholesale market.

In the agreement, Google has added selling some own smartphones like Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 tablet in the market. Moreover, Google has provided a good consumer experience including Google Fiber and various Wi-Fi hotspot deals. Google may not announce the deal officially. However, they are planning to offer more services in 2015 and it’s just the beginning step for the company.