Well, 10 years back in 2004 Google started its online social networking service Orkut and the concept had become a big hit amongst youngsters in no time and has been found to have a very dominance in countries on India and Brazil. The birth of Orkut took place even before the now social networking giant Facebook had started. After this, few year back Google started the Google+ service providing facilities like community sharing and much more.

These days, the Mountain View giant is going very strong with its online services Google+, Blogger and YouTube. The company has decided that it will shut down its operations for Orkut till September 30 this year and now onwards, it will not accept any new registrations to the website. The Orkut service was introduced to Brazil since 2008 and was one of the projects from Google where its engineers were allowed to flaunt their creativity on the website without any deadlines set by the company.

If you are one of the active users of Orkut you still have a chance to export all your data using the Google Takeout which will export all the data in a ZIP file. The bad news is that no integration with the Google+ account is possible. However, the communities created by Orkut will still be kept working via an archive.