The Google Developers YouTube channel has published the video giving the audience a quick introduction to Android Wear. The video is narrated by Timothy Jordan, a developer advocate at Google. It is designed to introduce developers to Android Wear, the interface and the interactions that the devices will support.

Android Wear is going to be a important part of this year’s Google I/O apart from Google Glass. Timothy Jordan explains what separates Android Wear from Android on a smartphone experience.The UI of Android Wear is better, as it is centered around context and this helps users have all related information at a glance.

It also discusses about its voice-controlled features as well as how notifications from a smartphone can be directed to a device running Android Wear. A really cool things that developers will appreciate is that Android Wear notifications work without the need to write additional code. All in all, the five minute video is mainly focused on developers. There’s even a tease of the upcoming Android Wear App SDK which is sure to be announced at I/O.

If you’re an Android enthusiastic, you may have a quick look into the future of wearable device from Google in this video.