Google recently announced that the roll out of Android Lollipop has started and it would soon be available on most of its Nexus devices. It has now released four new Android commercials on its YouTube account. As in earlier ads, these new commercials also feature Androidified animated characters.

Each commercial focuses on a different theme. Google seems to have adopted a new slogan for Android – “be together. not the same”. This line appears at the end of each ad.

Take a look at the commercials:

1. Android: Break Room

This ad shows the scene near the water cooler in a break Room and what happens when you look at your smartwatch when you have a full cup of beverage in your hand. Two characters who first look at their watch are shown wearing square-faced smartwatch (Like the LG G Watch) and the third one spilling the drink is wearing a round-faced watch like the Motorola Moto 360 or the LG G Watch R. Then comes the tagline, “all kinds of watches for all kinds of wrists.”


2. Android: Garage Band

This video shows a band playing music and it is being recorded with a camera. One member of the band is over enthusiastic and inadvertently knocks over the camera. After a short pause, they continue to sing and the tag line “awesome cams for awesome hams” shows up on the screen.



3. Android: Scary Movie

In this video, a lady is shown sitting in an airplane watching a movie on a tablet in her lap. Two men sitting on either side of her, watch it by looking over her shoulders and a third person watches from behind. The movie seems to be a scary one because all of them jump at the same time. The tag line “bigger screens for bigger screams” shows up on the screen.



4. Android: Slightly Longer Road Trip

This commercial shows many people traveling in an RV of the 80s era, all grooving to the song  “Whoomp there it is” by Tag Team. Their vehicle stops at a toll booth and the toll tax collector also joins up with them, dancing to the song and then comes the tag line, “be together. not the same”.



All the four ads are quite appealing. Will they inspire you to buy an Android device?


Source YouTube (Android) Via PhoneArena