As the title suggests, Google Play Store is doing some improvements with its pages. Pages are being updated as I am sharing you this. Google has announced the coming of Android L prior to this about a month ago. Certain changes are expected on this new Google Play Store 4.1.13. But the thing is would this new experiment of a new material design work? Would it be user-friendly and not solely concentrated on the design?


The main page has not been updated. I can’t disclose yet if it is their intention to keep it that way. The most remarkable changes took place in individual content pages for apps and other media. What other alterations to expect in the user experience? Now, once you tap an app description, it expand full screen instead of the section enlarging like how it used to. The Changelogs app is also relocated if you haven’t installed the app, but remains the same position for already installed apps. And video trailer of certain applications, it will go over the top of the page. If you quite familiar with the old version of Google Play Store, you can easily notice these changes. The dedicated share button is now beside the +1 button. There are improvements in UI too.


The Android L is rumoured to be wholly released this fall, so until then we can still expect for changes in Google Play Store. What can you say about the updates for the Google Play Store? Is the navigation favourable?