Google Play Music All Access Free Subscription For Six Months On The Purchase Of Sonos Player

Are you thinking to enjoy music on Sonos music player? If you are then there is good news for you. Google has announced free subscription of Google Play Music for six months when you buy Sonos Players.

Sonos music players are the wireless players that get attached to the Android app known as Sonos Controller. With this app, you can enjoy your favorite songs on these players. It is not very long ago when Sonos Music Players get the support for Play Music All Access so this the right time for the perfect offer.

The places to buy Sonos Players are the official Sonos website, Best Buy, Amazon, Target and other authentic dealers. There are various Sonos Players on which this offer is available. You can get your favorite player with this latest and beneficial offer of free music for six months.

A standard Play Music All Access subscription is available at the rates of $9.99 per month. With the six month free subscription means any one can save up to $60 with the purchase of Sonos Player.

Google Play Music is the one best place on internet to share, enjoy, store and explore your favorite tracks. It allows the cloud storage of about 20,000 music tracks for free. Google Play Music All Access has new and old every kind of music with the choice of custom radio stations. Get whatever you want to play. Anyone can get the benefit of this offer until 5th of July.