Google seems to be keen in bringing out a laptop and smartphone assembly unit where the smartphone is detachable. Google had filed for US patent 8,649,821 in September 2012 for a ‘Notebook computer and cell phone assembly’. The said patent has been approved in February2014.

Description given by the company in the patent application says, “Aspects of the present invention relate to a notebook computer and cell phone assembly. The cell phone is used in conjunction with the computer for telecommunication applications, including inter alia Skype, Instant Messenger and video conferencing. In addition the cell phone detaches from the computer for use as a standalone handset in private quiet conversation.”

Patent Drawing Figure 1 (Page 2):

Google laptop and smartphone assembly unit-1

The invention basically consists of a laptop and a cell phone that is attached to the laptop but it can ‘pop out’ of it and can be used as a separate mobile. The transition during the attachment and detachment process is seamless so that there is no break in the cellular service. When the mobile is attached to the laptop, the amplifier in it will indicate call status such as an incoming call and also provide speaker output while making a phone call, irrespective of the fact whether the laptop is in normal, power saving, stand-by or hibernating mode or even switched off.

When the mobile is attached to the laptop on normal power mode, the amplifier will be powered through the laptop battery and in other cases through the mobile battery. Similar is the case with the LED indicator. LED will indicate the status, for instance it will light up to show an incoming call or a call in progress. There may also be an audio indicator that will ring for an incoming call.

Drawings included in the patent application show a laptop and smartphone assembly unit with a special slot for the smartphone. Both devices when together, work in tandem and when detached, can work independently. This might as well be an integration of the Android platform of mobile and Chrome platform of the laptop. Of course, this is just a patent and the actual devices may be modified somewhat.

Patent Drawing Figure 2 (Page 3):

Google laptop and smartphone assembly unit-2

Patent Drawing Figure 3 (Page 4):

Google laptop and smartphone assembly unit-3

A few other companies have tried to integrate laptop/tablet and mobile before such as the Transformer and Padfone series of Asus or the Atrix 4G Lapdock of Motorola. As for Google, this is just a patent. Let us see when Google comes out with the actual product.