The Smart TV market is set to become stronger. Google officially unveiled Android TV at its I/O conference yesterday, June 25.  Android TV will support streaming of video, music and games. Essentially, Android TV will bring Android apps and games to your Television. This platform can be run through a set-top box or integrated directly into your TV.

GoogleAndroid TV-1

Dave Burke, Google’s director of engineering who introduced Android TV at the I/O conference says that Android TV is not a new platform but will be part of Google’s Android L update for smartphones, which would come later this year.

There were reports earlier that Google might unveil Android TV at the I/O event and they have been proven true. Android TV will enable you to use your Android smartphone as a remote control for your TV, open Android TV apps and control your TV screen through your smartphone.

Watch live TV and Streaming TV

With Android TV, you can watch live TV on your Television or you can watch other internet-connected entertainment content as per your choice, be it Netflix, TED, iHeartRadio, Google Play store or something else. Android TV can be used to scroll through the channels while watching live TV and if you want to watch a streaming program, just press the Home button that will take you to the Android interface. There is a built-in Google Cast which allows you to cast shows and movies from your smartphone or tablet to the TV.

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You can play Android games from your smartphone or tablet on your TV. You can also launch and play games onto the TV from your Google Play games. You can play multi-player android games. One person can play with a game controller and another person can play by using a smartphone or tablet.

At the unveiling, Google demonstrated the NBA Jam multiplayer game with one player on Android TV and the other on an Android tablet.


You will also be able to see all your photos stored in your smartphone or other internet pictures on your TV’s big screen.

 Google Voice Search

Android TV also offers Google’s voice search functionality so that you can easily search for a live TV show, or some music video from YouTube or any good movie from Google Play just by giving a voice command. Say what you would like to see on your TV and a range of options will appear. Android TV has a great search feature that allows you to search across multiple devices. You can also ask questions to the Android TV. By using Google Search, it will provide an answer as well as recommendations depending on the question.

If you lose your remote, no worries. It would be possible to use your Android Wear wearables to control Android TV.

GoogleAndroid TV-2

Android TV’s Google Play TV Store will open in the fall this year along with the public release of Android L. Sony, Sharp, Philips and TP Vision have all partnered with Google to launch a range of TV models supporting Android TV. Razer, Asus and other companies will be making Android TV streaming Set-top boxes later this year.

You can check out Google’s official Android TV page here. The Android L developer preview will also be available from today over here, where developers can get access to tools to design apps for Android TV.