What can you say the Google Nexus gadgets? Now for the benefit of those who have not yet experienced using Nexus tablets and smartphones, I will gladly share the of some of my friends and colleagues it. To set your expectations, they are generally positive. Besides the (1) economic benefit, the (2) performance is brilliant. (3) It definitely defines the term Android. (4) High-end specifications. (5) And a minus point regarding its battery power.

The thing here is that Google Nexus is positively penetrating the market, which is a good signal for the brand to continue developing its generation. As a matter of fact, Google recently confirmed this. Google Nexus 8 tablet and Nexus 6 smartphone is said to be on its way by the end of this year. Let’s cross our fingers that its manufacturer maintains the ‘high-end yet affordable’ image of its products

Several months ago a Nexus 6 smartphone concept already came out. And from the same production, My Gadgetic, a Google Nexus 8 tablet concept video has also been made. It is an HTC Nexus 8 which attempts to put into picture the upcoming Google’s tablet. The design remains simple and decent like the previous devices, but with front BoomSound speakers – said to be the main enticing feature of the tablet. And with that, I believe Google is clearly setting its target market. This will be hot in the eyes of people who are keen music and movies.

HTC Nexus 1

HTC Nexus 2


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