Google will be announcing the company’s new privacy control in the developer’s conference which will be held in San Francisco this month. With this change, it will put Android to be more in line with the Apple Inc’s iOS. With the change, Android mobile users will have more control over what information that the application can or cannot access once it is installed in the device, according to the person familiar with the changes.

Last year, Google has simplified the information to the Android users of what are the things that the app is accessing so that the users able to decide whether they want to download the apps or not. With the new changes, the users can choose what the app can access once it is installed into the device by configuring some settings.

On top of that, Google is adding new features to the mobile services in order to attract more users to use the company’s devices. Currently, Android has 81% of the international smartphone market share whereas Apple’s iOS has 15%, as mentioned by Gartner Inc. However, Google’s share has dropped to 69 percent in the first quarter from 72 percent last year in some countries in Europe. Apple’s share on the other hand, has increased to 20.3 percent from 18.6 percent. These figures are reported by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

Google spokesperson, Gina Scigliano, declined to comment regarding this issue.