Talks between Google and Twitch were underway for an acquisition or merger of Twitch with YouTube. These talks had been going on for a while and then it seemed that the talks had stopped or slowed down considerably.

Reports are now confirming the fact that Google and Twitch have come to an agreement on the matter. It seems that Google has agreed to pay them $1 billion but its unclear what this merger will exactly mean for the site.

We still don’t know if this is the exact price or when this news will be officially announced but we do know that the guys who run Twitch are happy that they will be able to make a lot more money than they invested into their site.

Google even tried to deny any rumors about the deal. That is why its even more of a surprise that it is settled now.

Google Is Near Twitch Acquisition for $1 billion - 2 -- Doi Toshin

For those who don’t know, Twitch is a video streaming service dedicated to gamers and video games. Gamers can broadcast live gameplay footage on Twitch. This website rivals YouTube in its niche.

Recently the number of users on Twitch has increased to 50 million. Gamers share videos of their achievements in the video game and walkthroughs showing how to beat a game.

Neither Google nor Twitch has officially announced the deal as of yet but all the sources are pointing to the same possibility.

Google bought youtube for $1.65 billion in 2006.

If you are a user of then tell us what you think about this merger / buyout. How do you think this will affect the service? Are you excited or is this a disappointment for you?