After being rumored since past few months, Google has officially launched its Project Fi MVNO to offer “fast and easy wireless experience” at affordable prices to users. For this, Google has partnered with two of the largest carriers in the US, Sprint and T-Mobile.

Project Fi will use networks of these two mobile carriers as well as Wi-Fi wherever available and provide the fastest possible network access to its subscribers at any given moment. Over a million public and private Wi-Fi hotspots have been identified by Google as being “fast and reliable” and all signals transmitted over Wi-Fi will be encrypted.

The Project Fi service will dynamically and seamlessly switch subscribers between LTE networks of carriers and Wi-Fi networks. The phone numbers of Project Fi subscribers will be stored on cloud enabling them to use their number on any device (phone, tablet or laptop) supporting Google Hangouts.

Project Fi will initially be available only on Nexus 6 built by Motorola as it supports the new technology needed for the service. If the area where you live has the Project Fi coverage, you can request for an invitation to join the service at

If you want to buy Nexus 6 for Project Fi, you can buy it from Google while signing up. You can choose any one of the “Midnight Blue” Nexus 6 – 32GB costing $649 or 64GB costing $699, plus taxes. You can pay the price all at once or in 24 installments.

You get a basic plan for $20 covering talking, texting, Wi-Fi tethering and coverage in over 120 countries. In addition, you have to pay $10 flat for every 1GB of data which means $20 for 2GB data plan and $30 for a 3GB one. You will also get full credit for data which you have left unused meaning you have to pay only for whatever data you use.

So are you interested in subscribing to Project Fi? Make sure your area has the network coverage and request for an invite. You will hear from Google within the next 30 days. Since this is an early access program, the number of invites is limited.

Project Fi Coverage in the US: