Android Wear is normally referring to a wearable device which provides you with information when you are on the move.  One of the trending wearable devices currently is the smartwatches. Smartwatches sometimes are platform specific device and it is limited. For example, Tizen smartwatches is only working with Samsung Android devices.  One of the common usages for Android Wear is for the fitness tracker segment. Some smartwatches even allows the users to receive or reply notifications or messages by using voice command.

Since there is news recently that Google has made Google Glass compatible with iOS, many wondered whether Google could bring Android Wear compatible with iOS also in the near future. Android Wear product manager Jeff Chang is not ruling out it either.

“We always want as many users as possible to enjoy our experience, so in terms of enabling more people to use Android Wear we’re very interested in making that happen” Said Jeff Chang.

Well, that statement itself hinted a possibility of it happen but we are also not sure when it is going to happen. It sounds like the Android Wear team will seriously thinking about how to make that happen. Well, let us just hope so!