After a major Android Wear update recently, it is now the turn of the Google Keep app which will now allow you to do much more from the gadget on your wrist. The new update contains changes in the User Interface. It allows you to view your notes such as the shopping list right from your Android Wear smartwatch. You won’t have to take out your smartphone out of your pocket or purse to do it.

On top of it, you can do it hands-free. You can either start Google Keep from the app list or you can just say “Ok Google, open Keep” and the Keep will open up, allowing you to check your notes on your wrist itself.  You can browse through all your notes and reminders through Google Keep by swiping up or down and when you want to see a particular one, just tap it and it will open. You can even add a new note by tapping the plus sign and saying “Ok Google, take a note.”

The new update supports recurring reminders as well. So you can now set up recurring reminders from your smartwatch. You can even add labels to the notes in the Google Keep’s Android app and also on the web. You can use labels like “To-dos”, “Important” etc. This will help you to stay more organized. The labels will appear on your Android Wear smartwatch.

Google Keep-2

You can download the Google Keep app. from Google Play for free. It works on Android devices with Android 4.0 Ice Cream version and above. You can get the web version from the Chrome Web Store.