Google has kept on trying to find a way to make people’s life easier. This time, Google Japan, has come out with a small device which when you attached to a party horn, it is able to send some signal to the smartphone through Bluetooth which then these signals are translated into Japanese characters on the editor app in the smartphone. It is pretty interesting, is it not? However, unfortunately, it is only working with Japanese language.

It is a very simple process to type when your situation does not allow you to conveniently type the character on your smartphone. You might carry a lot of things during that time or doing some other task when you also need to send message to somebody. It is also suitable for people who are not tech savvy.

In the future, the team wants to place a wind-mill inside the device for wind-generated energy or to also utilize the CO2 included in the air that the user breathe out or even sunlight. On top of that, the team also is working on the Mouth Free version so that the user also able to talk to other people or eating while typing the message.

These ideas are surely out of the box and interesting if it is implemented in the real world.