Google has launched Android for Work officially. Android for Work was originally discussed in Google I/O conference in June last year. One of the feature of Android for Work is that it will allow users to use his own Android phone or tablet to do his work. Therefore your employer will not able to access any data from your personal apps and you are still able to use your device to do your personal stuff. Google has convinced some of big companies like Price WaterhouseCoopers to use their products and the company is hoping to win over more companies. The products that Google offers especially for enterprise customers such as Gmail, Drive for cloud storage, Hangouts for videoconferencing, Chromebooks, Maps, and, the most recent, Android.

There are four main parts of Android for Work, Work profiles, Android for Work app, Google Play for Work as well as suit for business apps. With work profiles, users will be able to create separate profile which they can use for personal or work purposes on one Android device. It will be completely separated from each other and it is more secured this way.  Work profiles will only be available on devices running Lollipop, Android’s latest operating system.

Android for Work app is developed for smartphones and tablets that cannot be upgraded to Lollipop.  The apps will be a seperate app which can deliver secure mail, calendar, contacts, documents, browsing and access to approved work apps. These apps can be completely managed by the company’s IT department

Google Play for Work is  a special version of Google’s app store. This apps store is targeted for companies so that they can easily manage which apps Android for Work that their employees can use.  In this way, it will simplify the apps distribution to the employees and that every deployed apps is approved by the IT department.

A suit of business apps is a list of apps by Google such as email, contacts, and calendar apps which designed to support both Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes. On top of that it also able to provide editing capabilities for documents, spreadsheets and presentations regardless whether it is done using Google products or other products.