A Google Goggles is actually an app and it should not be mistaken with the Google Glass. This application was launched in the ending months of 2009 as an experimental app, and now it has been completed to help us in diverse ways.


Google Goggles is only available on Android, till last year it also existed on iOS. This app is not present as a built-in app but requires downloading and installation from Google Play to the device.

After downloading and running the app on the device, the user notices its interface is same as a camera app. Google Goggles runs with the help of camera, using the device’s camera the application identifies famous landmarks, logos, works of art and products, it is also capable of scanning QR codes and bar codes, it can check and translate text, and other than that it solves Sudoku puzzles.


QR codes get scanned up quickly but for that the Google Goggles must be running and the camera should be pointing towards code. The same function goes for the bar codes, but sometimes it is hard for the app to recognize them, then user should take a picture of the code so that it could be scanned.

The application is workable only with internet connection and it depends on user whether he uses it through Wi-Fi or using both cellular and Wi-Fi.

The application scans text best in good amount of light, if the light is not proper Goggles let you turn on Flash for better brightness. The text is cropped and then it is copied or translated, excluding English, Googles is capable of reading text in seven different languages, Turkish Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Italian, and French.