Last week, the CEO of luxurious Italian eyewear manufacturer Luxottica, Massimo Vian, said that the second generation of Google Glasses would be coming soon this year ahead and the specs for the same to be unveiled sooner. Vian is involved in the OG Google Glass and became the company’s partner last year on 2014.

Tony Fadell, who heads the Google Nest division, would be working in showcasing the device as a toy for all the tech enthusiasts and simultaneously a useful product for the regular users. Fadell with his experience of selling up consumer tech products at Google would be applying the same to Google Glass.

According to Massimo Vian, the second version of the Google Glass is already ready and the company has even started working for the 3rd version. Ivy Ross, head of Google Glass said that this next version would be even cheaper with better sound quality and display and the great thing would be it would be having a very long-lasting battery for endless hours of intensive tasks.

However, with the first version, the search giant was not so successful in making the device that could appeal the masses. We hope the second version has something that strikes the chord with the tech nerds.

source: WSJ