Google is soon coming out with a new edition of Google Glass which is internally referred to as Enterprise Edition or EE. Information about its hardware has been leaked which shows that this new iteration of Google Glass will be using a larger prism which extends further and will reduce strain on the eyes. Users can now look up directly and comfortably instead of looking up and towards the right which they have to do in the first gen device causing eyestrain on prolonged use. There is no clear indication if its screen resolution has been changed but there are reports that the screen has improved compared to that in the Explorer Edition.

The Enterprise Edition of Google Glass will have an Intel Atom chip inside and although the exact model is not known, it will be clocked faster than the chip currently used in top Android Wear smartwatches. Sources confirm that the battery life will be improved moderately and the new Intel Atom chip will provide better performance and heat management.


Photoshop comparison of prism of Explorer Edition on the left vs. prism of Enterprise Edition on the right

The next edition of Google Glass has been seen with an external battery pack and although it is not known how much power it packs, it will surely add substantial battery life to the Glass. This battery pack will be helpful to users who have more intensive use for the Glass all day long or use power-intensive apps.

About a week back, a new wearable device”A4R-GG1” listed simply as a “Bluetooth device” was spotted passing through the FCC. This device supports WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. It is confirmed that the new Glass edition will support 5GHz band to enable streaming of certain video apps developed for the Enterprise Edition. Hence, the device passing through the FCC is thought to be the Google Glass Enterprise Edition.