If you have heard about Google glass and wish to acquire one for yourself, then Google has good news for you. A wearable computer invented by Google, that can be carried anywhere and everywhere, Google glass in a revolutionary technique in the field of Computers. As the name suggests, Google glass is an optical head mounted device.

Google initially made the product available for only those who received invitations. It has many interesting features like a touch pad, which is located on side of device. Users can swipe through a timeline like interface that is been displayed on the screen. Sliding backwards and forwards, gives you access to multiple options like weather, phone calls, photos, past events, etc. Besides, a 720p HD video camera is also been provided to take photos and record videos. For more information about the device, you can visit www.google.com/glass/start/.

The product is been made available for the public, that too without invitations from 15th of May. The price for one piece is $15,000 and you can order as long as the stocks last. Therefore, it is your chance to possess this very unique and exceptional product, and there is nothing bad in flaunting a little about it.

Google also took feedback from the first time users and recorded a video. The video is been embedded with this article. Listen to what others have to say about it and make a quick decision; and if you are sure about buying the product, it is just a click away.


[Image credit: Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images]