Wearable tech is another emerging market where the big tech companies of the world are duking it out to see who can win the most market share. The dominant theme for devices in the wearables market seems to be health tracking and health related products.

Google showed interest in the wearables market by first releasing Android Wear, an Android OS for wearables. Android Wear enables developers to make applications for different wearable devices using the Android Wear SDK. Applications make for Android Wear should run on all compatible devices running a version of Android Wear OS.

It looks like Google wants to announce its own line of wearable health monitoring devices. Google Fit seems to be Google’s answer to the wearable health monitoring products already released by Apple, Samsung, and others.

Google Fit To Launch At I O 2014 - 2 -- Doi Toshin

Google seems to be keeping an eye on Apple and their health related wearable product “HealthKit” which works together with iOS 8. It is still unclear as to what exactly Google is planning to do in response to its competitors.

If Google is about to announce Google Fit, then Google I/O is the best place to do it.

Google Fit To Launch At I O 2014 - 3 -- Doi Toshin

Whatever they might announce, it will probably use Android Wear if its a wearable. Google I/O is held for two days and starts on the 25th of June. It is scheduled to take place a few weeks after Apple’s developer conference.

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