GOOGLE FIT revealed during the Google I/O press conference is Android’s answer to Apple’s Healthkit platform.It will be a platform through which Android and Google customers can track and manage their healthcare and fitness data across multiple applications and devices including the newly-announced Samsung Gear Live smartwatch.

Some of the initial partners supporting Google Fit include Adidas, Basis, Nike, RunKeeper, Noom, Runtastic, and Withings, meaning the software will work with the likes of the Fuelband. The problem with all this smart fitness stuff is that the data always resides in individual silos. RunKeeper has your running data, Nike Fuel has another motion data, your weightlifting statistics are stuck in Fitocracy, your weight is tracked by Withings.Google will try to sync all together adequately with Google Fit.

Google will release an SDK in the coming weeks so developers can integrate Google Fit into their Android apps. As an example, Google explained a fitness app from Noom (a company that makes a number of individual fitness apps for weight loss, step counting, and carido training). It presented an integrated view of meals logged, steps taken, and even weight data from a Withings scale. The point is this: With your explicit permission, your fitness apps can share data with each other, giving you a more detailed view of your health and activity.

However, Google has been keen to point out that the user will be given full control over what apps can see fitness data, and will be able to delete data at any time.There’s no word on official availability of Google Fit,but it is likely to debut alongside Android L in the autumn.