Google Fit is Google’s service which enable the users to keep track on their health like how many steps do they do within one day, how is their sleep, among many other functionalities. With the latest update, Google Fit will have the capability to estimate the number of calories that the users have burned within a period of an activity.

To activate it, you will just have to enter your height and gender and the apps will be able to project the calories that you have burned in addition to time spent active for the calculation. It will be similar to HealthKit which is developed for iOS platform. Google Fit is involving a lot of other fitness companies such as Adidas, Nike, Withings, Intel and RunKeeper.

In the presentation by Ellie Powes, Google’s product manager, it seems like Fit is just a platform for the health device manufacturer to enable their device to sync with Android. It comes with a set of APIs which is kind of open-source which can make all devices to be technically works with all health/fitness software. It seems like Google is working in the opposite direction of Apple.

Apple on the other hand, is developing a dedicated app that collects all your data but anonymously. Apple is intending to use this system to categorize all the people who has similar sickness to find possible cures for the disease.