Map Maker tool from Google is an app which allows users to change certain locations in Google Maps automatically. It has been disabled by Google temporarily without informing how long it will be disabled for. However, the company has confirmed that the decision was taken due to the Android mascot incident which happened recently.

Somebody has uploaded an image of Android mascot peeing on Apple’s logo into the Google Maps for the location of south of Pakistani town of Rawalpindi. Google has removed the picture as soon as it was discovered; however, it aroused public criticism to review its policy. From then on, Google has been working on the changes on how the content is moderated. Beforehand, Google relied on the combination of user moderation and automated tools to remove spam, jokes and other unsavory content.

There is no confirmation on how long Google will disable the tool, since according to Pavithra Kanakarajan, Google’s product manager for the service, the fix is not something that can be easily done as it actually going to take longer than a few days.  As Google was fixing it, the automated process is switched to a manual process whereby when a picture is uploaded; it will be reviewed by Google and edited if necessary. However, this caused a huge backlog in edits. It seems like Map Maker may be opened again after several weeks.