Google is developing an operating system called Brillo for the Internet of things (IoT). It would be lightweight and run on small low-powered devices. Reports say that the Mountain View giant plans to launch the new Brillo OS as early as next week at its I/O event.

Fortune has received information from sources who talked to Google and writes:

“The plan is to launch the code at Google’s I/O event next week. These operating systems are designed to be very small and take up very little memory so they can run on chips that might act as the brains of a smart lock or even a connected sensor. The world of these real-time operating systems as they are called is very fragmented, with most of the ones in use today being dictated by the chip. Most chipmakers provide an RTOS, as they’re known, that works with the chip.”

Brillo will not be a part of Google’s Nest division but will work on the smart devices developed by nest. The development of the OS is linked to its Android unit and will probably be released under the Android brand according to a report by The information.

The OS will be small and will need a memory of only 32MB or 64MB RAM and could be used in IOT devices such as smart light bulbs, security cameras, TVs, smart refrigerators and other smart appliances. Through the new OS, Google plans to connect all such small devices via internet.

Since IOT is the next big thing, Google will definitely benefit from the development of Brillo. So it is easy to understand why Google wants to develop its own software for IOT communication in smart devices.

The Google I/O annual event for developers is scheduled to begin from May 28 in San Francisco. Google is also expected to unveil a new edition of Android dubbed as “Android M” which would have several new features including better device integration and security.