In the latest Google Chrome update, it will come with a few new features, Offline Browsing and Network Quality Estimator. These two new features is useful in the event whereby the network quality is not so good in a certain area, especially in the developing countries.

Normally when you open a page using Google Chrome, it will connect to the internet and fetches the latest information from the server and display it to your screen. With the Offline Browsing feature, it will download the content of the website to your computer so that when you access it without the internet connection; you should not feel any difference between the two of them. Currently this feature is already available in Internet Explorer and Firefox. This feature is useful for website content such as cooking recipe or bus schedule information.

The other new feature, Network Quality Estimator, it will analyze the network connection to optimize the search results or any website so that the content like text and information will be loaded first before the image which require more bandwidth. Hopefully the waiting time to load the entire content for the website can be shorten eventhough the data network quality is not so good in the area.

These two new features are announced in the Google I/O Conference this year by Google’s VP of Engineering, Jen Fitzpatrick among all other new features or hardware which the company going to implement in the near future.