Google casually handed out pieces of cardboard to attendees at the end of their I/O keynote. They asked the folks to use the #cardboard hashtag inorder to document their experiences. Moreover,it wasn’t a late April Fools joke from Google Inc, especially after spending more than two hours not doing much onstage.

Instead of spending $2 billion for its own virtual reality technology, Google is taking an absolutely “simple, fun and inexpensive” approach for people to experience VR. “That’s the goal of the Google Cardboard project.” This is probably the most unusual product we’ve ever seen from Google—and there have been some damn weird ones. Maybe that is why Google neglected to mention Glass onstage at I/O keynote?

Google Cardboard is a transformation into an awesome virtual reality headset. Along with the headset, Google launched an Cardboard Android app with a variety of demo applications.It includes Google Earth flyover, a VR-enabled Street View demo,360-degree video viewer where users can drive through Paris and Tour Guide, , where users take a virtual tour of Versailles. But the main idea is for developers to write their own VR apps using the accompanying software VR Toolkit, which was also released in the I/O conference.

Google Cardboard app is a 188MB file that works on any phone running Android 4.1 or later. The app and headset are fully compatible with Google Nexus 4 and 5, Motorola’s Moto X, Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5 and the Galaxy Nexus.With the app installed, you can place the phone inside Cardboard, close it up using the attached Velcro tabs, and an NFC tag inside the box automatically launches the app.

Google has posted instructions for building cardboard of your own.”We’re keeping the hardware and software open to encourage community participation and compatibility with VR content available elsewhere,” Google’s VR Toolkit developer page explains

Q: Can we use a pizza box for the cardboard?

A: Yes. Make sure you order an extra large.

You can also use a diaper box, a package from Amazon, a large-sized cereal box and maybe even an iMac box. Just check your apartment complex’s dumpster for the best and weirdest selection.