Google Cardboard is the simplest virtual reality headset in the market today. It is cheap, easy to assemble and it works with your phone. Google has announced some improvements in the next version of Google Cardboard in the company’s I/O developer event this year. However, it is still far away when compared with other virtual reality headset in the market nowadays such as Oculus, HTC’s Vive and Project Morpheus. One thing for sure is that Google Cardboard is made of cardboard whereas the rest is made from metal.

In the new version, Google Cardboard will support iOS, therefore, you can just put any iPhone into the slot in the Cardboard and you can experience a virtual reality. On top of that, the new version of Google Cardboard will support bigger smartphone in term of size. It can support smartphone which has up to 6-inch size. Therefore, as long as the size of the smartphone is smaller than 6-inch, you can use it with the Google Cardboard.

In the new version, it is also going to be easier to assemble. Instead of needing to do 12 steps to assemble the Google Cardboard, it only needs 3 steps now. It seems like Google aim by inventing Google Cardboard is not to compete with the other virtual reality headset but rather to bring it to schools for the students to experience the virtual reality as it is the future.

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