A new report from The Wall Street Journal claims that Google can be trying to accumulate video streaming web site Twitch for a calculable $1 billion. The WSJ is citing business executive sources for this report and therefore the deal looks plausible given the rising quality of the streaming service over the past number of years.


Twitch has clad to be a significant player within the streaming phase, a section wherever YouTube still has some up to try to. The report claims that whereas Google may be trying to accumulate the service for a hefty $1 billion, Twitch won’t be receptive to that and will well kindle further funding from its investors to stay it going robust.


It is still time period within the deal and Google or the folks behind Twitch square measure however to come back forward with a comment. it’ll be attention-grabbing to examine if the deal goes through as Twitch leads the video streaming section whereas YouTube rules the roost as way as video sharing cares.
If Google were to accumulate Twitch, there’s little doubt that they’d permit it to perform severally. At this moment although, it appears like Twitch won’t be willing to budge for $1 billion given the hold it’s within the streaming section.