Google has bought the popular iOS and Android visual translation app Word Lens to “incorporate [the] technology into Google Translate’s broad. Quest Visual updated the Word Lens Web page to confirm the acquisition.

Word Lens is an impressive app that translates foreign languages in real time using the iPhone and Android smartphone built-in camera. During any travelling tour, Word Lens users should simply hold the mobile to a sign and the camera would immediately translate it. The application is made free for a limited time.

The purchase also means that the Word Lens team will be transferred to the Google Translate team where the company will assist in integrating the technology into Google’s personal translation app. Even better, it doesn’t require a connection to the internet, which is another benefit for business travelers.

Word Lens is functioned to translate only a few Western languages like English,Portuguese,German,Italian,French,Russian and Spanish. Since Google is able to translate around 340 languages, it seems to be a perfect fit for both parties. Word Lens is available for iOS, Android and Glass.

Word Lens is truly one of the killer apps for mobile, and it should be a nailed on every smartphone.We hope that Google keeps it around in some form or another and doesn’t kill it off.