During Google I/O opening keynote, there was no shortage of major and minor announcements At last introduction of a native mobile Google Slides application was done. It is a slideshow editor and auxiliary to Microsoft’s PowerPoint. This is one of the the third application part of the Google Docs suite which Google is releasing in native form on tablets and smartphones.Earlier, Docs and Sheets were released on Android and iOS, allowing customers to edit documents and spreadsheets on their mobile devices.

Speaking about Docs, Google enabled native document, spreadsheet, and slideshow editing on mobile devices through integrating up with QuickOffice.With Android L and the latest version of Chrome, Google fully integrated QuickOffice’s great functionality into its apps. Now, users will be able to edit and create documents when they are offline. Users will also be able to edit native Microsoft Office Word Docs in the Google Docs app.

Previously, Gmail would convert the Word doc into a Google Docs file. So now, when you receive an email from a colleague or friend with a Word document attached, you can open the Word file in the Google Docs app in its original format. All changes you make will be saved on the Word file and you can email the edited document back to its sender in its original format.

There is also a option to select whether a document is saved in a format for Microsoft Office/OpenOffice or as a Google Docs file. Additionally, Google’s office pack is boosted with collaboration features, permitting users to add comments and recommend edits.

Google hopes that these updates to its productivity apps will encourage even more people to switch from Microsoft Office and the traditional windows infrastructure to Google’s app suite and Chrome OS.


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