Google is being sneaky in past few weeks, launching Android One smartphones, giving hint on India being one of the first participants in the free offline YouTube Access and now another Google feature will be available to Indians – The Google Play Newsstand. The Newsstand will also be freely available in Netherlands, Spain and Russia.

Newsstand is a popular Android app developed by Google that features news and content, from all over the world’s best news source into one place. The sources include online website and magazines.

The content will be delivered in two ways: free and paid. Free users will get news from free sources whereas paid users can subscribe to premium websites, magazine or other premium publishers through the app.

Google Play Newsstand is not completely new, it is a combination of popular Google Currents app and subscription based Google Play Magazines. Well, the idea is neat and is gaining popularity in the Android community all over the world.

Initial release hints at providing free content to users and later on giving the option to buy premium content through the app.

The vastness of the app can be guesses by the numbers of partners Google Play Newsstand has made. There is total of 30 Indian publications as per the latest announcement made at the Android one launch event.

The partners include NDTV movies, Zigwheels, NDTV Gadgets, Indiatimes, LiveMint, ABP News, HT, Cricinfo and many others.  Popular Magazines like India Today, GQ India, Vogue India, Cosmopolitan will also be available on the app.