India will soon be one of the countries where Google plans to set up infrastructure to provide internet connectivity and power to people in remote areas. The Mountain View giant is reportedly in talks with the Indian Government to set up projects to provide balloon-powered internet and Kite-powered energy in the country.

Google’s “Project Loon” is an internet project under which Google plans to use balloons set up at a high altitude to provide low-cost internet to about 5 billion people across the globe who have currently no access to it.

Mohammad Gawdat, VP of business Innovation at Google X told The Times of India:

By 2016, we believe we can start to launch a commercial format that allows us to have coverage on every square inch of planet Earth. We are working very closely with telecom providers and governments across the world including India to see how we bring this innovation here”.


The balloons are sent up about 20 km high in the air. Its position is determined by software algorithms in the instruments based on wind direction. In a pilot project, about 30 such balloons were sent high up in the air in New Zealand’s South Island. These balloons were able to beam internet to a small group of people.

Google is also working on another project that uses kites sent up in the air to harness wind energy. Here, aeroplane-like kites tethered to cables are sent up in the sky up to 300 meters high. These kites fly in the air where the wind is the strongest. Wind moving across kite’s rotors rotates them with force, causing the generator to produce electricity. The electricity is then transmitted through the tether onto the grid.


We believe through this we should be able to get a 100% improvement on the current renewable technology out there. It will be available at a much cheaper cost,” said Gawdat.

He also said that looking to India’s interest in renewable energy, they are in talks with the Indian Government to deploy this technology in India. Google hopes to begin the wind power generation by 2016.


Source The Times of India