In the recent Google I/O Conference this year, Google unveiled Cloud Test Lab which is aimed to make it easier for Android app developers to test their apps before it is released to the public. The service is based on Appurify’s technology which Google acquitted last year as announced in the I/O Conference last year.

To use the testing service is quite easy. All the developer need to do is to upload the app that they are currently developing and run the app on simulated versions of Android devices. As we all know there are a lot of versions of smartphones which runs on Android and to test the app in each of them can be a nightmare. However, with this service, the issue can be easily solved.

On top of that, the service can record what happens before and after the app crashes as well as providing the crash log to help the developers to troubleshoot their apps and fix the issue and run the test again on a variety of different devices with a wide range of specs and capabilities. Once the app is stable then the developer can released it to the public.

It is reported that Cloud Test Lab will be released soon. However, it does not specify when is the exact date. Hopefully it will be released this year.