Key-rings haven’t been the concentrate of abundant innovation over the years however a replacement crowd-sourced campaign is progressing to modification that. Dubbed GOkey the device brings a Bluetooth-enabled key locator, an exterior battery, a USB flash drive and a USB cable (or Lightning if that’s however you roll) into one.

The cool trying piece of tech has a battery of its own, that in keeping with the manufacturer can offer enough juice for 2 hours of speak time for those emergency cases. It’s an integral cable (either micro USB or Lightning reckoning on the version) therefore you ought not to carry that moreover.

Using that cable, GOkey may be used for tethering your smartphone or tablet to your portable computer or computer for each charging and knowledge synchronization functions. The device is Bluetooth-enabled therefore you’ll combine it together with your phone and use it for locating your misplaced keys. To sweeten the pot even more there’s in-built memory therefore GOkey will act as a separate thumb drive – 8GB, 16GB or 32GB reckoning on the version you decide.

GOkey 2

The operation has achieved over double its original $40,000 goal in precisely four days, however there are still plenty units up for grabs on its Indiegogo page.

You can presently get AN 8GB or 16GB unit for $49 (or $59 if you would like it dispatched globally), whereas the 32GB version prices $59 ($69) for initial adopters.

There are special optical device incised units and concessions if you get 3 units, if you would like to pledge a lot of.