We have been hearing ample buzz so far about revamping the look of Android. The question remains as to what outline the redesign will follow.We’ve seen a probable Gmail renovation, and now we’re seeing another which takes a few suggestions from the recent redesign of Google+ for Android.

The leak coming from Yoel Kaseb,the same person that posted the Google+ redesign snapshots last month. He showed some of the changes that came in the G+ update that pushed out earlier this week. It is tough to tell how the two are connected since there are lot of differences between the two Gmail leaks. We don’t know about the version Kaseb posted is being newer than the one Geek.com, or if both the versions are completely following different test lanes.On the similarities end,both versions use the big plus symbol in the bottom right to compose a new message

The new outlook shows a similar idea to the latest version of Google+, which abandons the hamburger menu in support of a dropdown from the top bar.Excluding those two items, the new images appears quite a bit like the current version of Gmail. It doesn’t even consist of the full color top bar which we have seen as part of the Google+ redesign as well as the newer version of Google Keep.

Whatever the fact is, it gives the impression of redesign in the making, and we wouldn’t be amazed to get more answers about all of it at annual developer conference Google I/O scheduled next month in San Francisco.

Gmail-redesign-02 Gmail-redesign-03 Gmail-redesign-04