Recent report from Global Certification Forum shows that NVIDIA SHIELD will arrive in the market in the form of a mid-sized Android tablet instead of a handheld gaming device. According to sources, this mid-sized tablet could be the 7.9 inch NVIDIA Mocha that comes with K1 CPU and was spotted on the GFX Benchmark last May.

Reports show that there are chances that silicon slinger could be offering the slate themselves as the company has received certification from the Global Certification Forum. This Forum handles its certification for devices having 3G technology.

However, before arriving at conclusions it has been said that NVIDIA would use the SHIELD name for the device that would be linked up with video game play. Now this could possibly mean that the Android tablet would make up for half the unit with the remaining half being a detachable gaming controller. This month on July 22, NVIDIA is expected to hold a official event when things are likely to get more clear.