Living on a small place will become a great worse for any person to reside suitability, won’t it? Therefore, a new technology is welcoming you to live perfectly with suitable furniture in any square foot apartment. Robotic blocks are one of the greatest solutions to make any type of furniture for your home.

Researchers from Federal Institute of Technology in Switzerland have presented Robotic blocks to the users to have flexible furniture. These Robotic blocks are called Roombots that are mainly 8.5-inche wide cubs that can take any shapes of tables and chairs. Every club of the Robotic blocks is movable and can be usable at home or office to make suitable furniture.

Gets Robotic blocks Furniture at Any Time  1

Auke Ijspeert, the project leader reported, “This has become of the best alternative those who have lack of space to keep furniture to work.” Robotic blocks furniture will have hooks in order to connect with other Roombots and create a larger structure. Moreover, there are wheels to move independently and middle of it can move flexibility.

However, the research team is still working on the speed and software of the Roombots to increase it. These Roombots furniture will be worked according to the user’s instruction and make a new design of any room.