Microsoft has recently announced the Office preview apps – Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the Android handset platform and are currently available on the Google Play Store. After initially announcing these apps on the iOS platform, Microsoft had been working hard to bring it to the Android platform used by lillions of users across the globe. Last year the company had released these apps of the Android tablet platform.

The Android smartphone solution is called as the Office Mobile. However, once these new Office Apps come out of the preview ambit and gets ready for mass distribution, they will soon replace the Office Mobile. Note that all these apps would be compatible with Android handsets running the Android 4.4 KitKat and above version.

However, in order to download these Preview apps, one will need to first join the Microsoft Office Android community on Google+ and then select the Excel, Word and PowerPoint. The first two stages are complete and from the below links, you can download these apps.

Download Microsoft Word for free from Google Play
Download Microsoft Excel for free from Google Play
Download Microsoft Powerpoint for free from Google Play

Via: PhoneArena