Lumia Moments is now available in the Windows Phone Store and you can update the feature to your smartphone. However, only four Lumia models can get the update to the smartphones. Lumia Moments is the new update of Lumia Denim update that can take pictures from the video and save it as captured image.

There are two possible categories of capturing phones using the feature in your Lumia smartphone. You can have the Action Shots from the videos by using strobe effects on the picture. Another way is to get the Best Frame feature that can take single photo from the video that you can see using Nokia Storytellers.

Microsoft has not give the update to the OTA update version, instead, it update the whole app in order to ensure the feature in it. For that reason, you do not need to wait so long to get the feature eon your Windows Phone at all. The app will work like HTC and Motorola’s application.