Garmin Announces VivoFit 2 – Fitness Tracking Watch

For many years in past, Garmin stayed in the top names of the companies which build the GPS devices. But when the smartphones hit the market, everyone got GPS in their hands. Garmin build its own smartphone nuvifone but it didn’t get hit due to its flaws. But in the field of wearables, Garmin has been successful since 2003 due to its manufacturing of GPS watches.

In 2014, Garmin got great success by introducing its watches with fitness tracker, called as Garmin VivoFit. So, Garmin introduced its VivoFit 2, the next version of its first hit at CES 2015 with a price of $129.99.

Official manufacturers of the device stated that the battery life of VivoFit 2 will last up to full one year and also it has an alert feature to remind the user about the health.

A backlight has been fitted in the wearable to make it easy to use in dark; also an activity tracker has been included in it to study the fitness workouts of the user.

A new stopwatch feature has also been included. Other than that, a new feature of personalized fitness goal has been put in the watch; it will also be able to keep track of burned calories. The watch is water resistant till 164 feet.

The VivoFit 2 will be available in many different colors, but the heart rate monitor version of the watch will have a price of $169.99. The VivoFit 2 by Garmin will be available in the starting months of this year.