If you have been listening to the mainstream media, you would know that GamerGate is all about angry male gamers trying to push female gamers out of video game culture. At least thats the narrative given to us by the media and major gaming news blogs.

The other perspective on this issue is that GamerGate is about exposing collusion and corruption amongst journalists and members of the indie game development community. GamerGate supporters say that video games are being used to shape the minds of gamers for social engineering of the young masses.

Gjoni (pictured above) is the man whose blog post started the GamerGate hashtag. In an IM interview with buzzfeed, he said:

“If I could go back in time and tell myself not to do this. I wouldn’t. That is, I wouldn’t tell myself not to. Because it’s for the best. Regardless of how the outcome is actually getting painted. As this giant harassment campaign against women filled with all sorts of death threats. On the ground the movement isn’t barely like that.”

Gamers have been tweeting under the hashtag #GamerGate. The majority don’t really have much to do with bigotry. Although some of them do, there will be differing voices in any group after all. Unfortunately, negative views are being heard the loudest.

What of the thousands of voices asking for transparent game journalism?

Video games have become the greatest grossing media in the world. The fight to maintain the trust of gamers in the indifference of video game narrative has just begun.