Galaxy 6s EDGE+ rumor
It has been reported many times that Galaxy Note line is highly unlikely to have a curved screen during the year 2015. However, there are rumors that the much awaited Galaxy 6s EDGE+ will be the edgy phablet customers are badly waiting for. S-Pen stylus will only be available with the Note 5 during 2015. EDGE+ 1
When it comes to the hardware, it is rumored that turbo-powered Exynos 7422 SoC and 4GB of RAM will be featured in Note 5. Several reports claim that Galaxy S6 EDGE+ will have the specs of regular S6 edge which means 3GB of RAM and Exynos 7420.  EDGE+ 3
When it comes to the design, the curved phablet is expected to look very much like the normal one. However, there will be some changes in the size so the 5.7″ screen can be accomodated. Many such cases have been. Manufacturers ship out dummy unit to the case makers in order to get the work started on accessories. The comparison photo of the actual S6 EDGE+ and Galaxy Note 4 can be seen.

Galaxy 6s EDGE+ pic
The source that has provided the image claim that this is a dummy of the Galaxy 6s EDGE+ which is actually very honest of them. The image is quite convincing because it is a very realistic one. Therefore, it is very natural for anyone looking at it to find it very interesting. These days, it happens to most people.

People must be eager to know when this top-shelf Samsung phablet is going to be launched. That is going to happen way sooner than  expected. Earlier sources were claiming that it will be launched in September; however, now it is claimed that August 12 is going to be the date for it.