Samsung has been pretty silent on their tablets side since few months, except Galaxy Tab Active device. South Korean giants have release many smartphones over the second half of 2014, but we have not witnessed any new range of tablets since last June.

So the rumors of new range of Samsung slates are now started buzzing over various social media channels. SamMobile reported that Samsung is dynamically working on the different Galaxy versions of the tablets.

The rumored tablets are the Galaxy Tab AL Plus (SM-P550), Galaxy Tab AS (SM-T350), Galaxy Tab AS Plus (SM-P351) , Galaxy Tab AS (SM-T351),  Galaxy Tab AL (SM-T551),  Galaxy Tab AL Plus (SM-P551), Galaxy Tab AL (SM-T550),  Galaxy Tab AS Plus (SM-P350).

The model numbers mostly reveal the probable successors to the Galaxy Tab 4 range of slates.

SamMobile revealed that both variants of the Galaxy Tab AS might be the successors to the 7” Galaxy Tab 4 while Galaxy Tab AL would succeed either 10.1 inch or 8-inch Galaxy Tab 4. The rest of the tablets would be Samsung’s new Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note Pro slates. There is also a probability of these slates being successors to the more refined Galaxy Tab S 10.5 and Tab S 8.4 tablets.

There is no information available regarding the exact release dates, but they will certainly launch in one of the following quarters.

Image Courtesty: Phonearena

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