The Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime may be coming in a completely different “luxury” F-line in the making with some high-end specs like premium design, Quad HD Display and much more. The device is likely to come in June and compete against the LG G3 that is supposedly to have a Quad HD Display as well.

One of the reasons for Samsung to sport a QHD display is believed that is unable to produce enough number of Super AMOLED screens with 1440×2560 pixel resolution. Moreover, the AMOLED screens are believed to cost more than the QHD screen with LCD technology. This might also be the reason that is asking Samsung to have a QHD display rather than a Super AMOLED one.

Here is a report from the recent publication “Samsung Electronics was supposed to use a QHD display for its Galaxy S5, but it failed due to the high cost. As the Galaxy S5 Prime will be rolled out in small quantities, it is highly likely that QHD will be adopted.” The Galaxy S5 Prime could likely arrive in June next month.